DH's main car has been out of order for a few weeks. Last week we got a note from the apartment complex saying all cars had to be out of the parking lot by Sunday night so it could be resurfaced. In the past, I would have grilled him about where he is going to put his stupid broken car. This time, I made sure he knew about the note and then I put the night that the cars had to be gone on the calendar. Last night at 9:20 pm both his cars were still out there by their lonesome selves, so I gave him exactly one reminder. He said he had forgotten about it, and he went outside to look at the parking lot. Then he told me it looks like they only need to resurface the area between the rows of stalls, and not the stalls themselves. So he wanted to just leave the dead car in its stall. He won't be able to access it for a few days, but he wasn't accessing it anyway, no biggie.

Is it the decision I would make? Absolutely not. But I didn't tell him that. I thought for a moment about whether it will be the end of the world if we pay a towing fee, and I realized it wouldn't be. It would be a kick in the pocketbook (which I am trying to keep turned over to him anyway), and we would move on. He might also learn something about fixing problems before the last minute. Plus there's a good chance he's right and this will work out just fine with no towing fee. I could definitely live with either outcome.

So here's the part that was really different from how things used to be in our marriage: I told him that his thoughts about what they are repaving sounded logical, and if he was comfortable with the risk of being towed, I would fully support his decision to leave the car in the stall. Then I dropped the issue. I haven't even checked to see whether the car was towed. Frankly I don't care. If it was towed he'll deal with it. The important part was that we didn't have a fight. I'm 100% sure that if this happened six months ago we would have had a fight about it. I'm really happy about these changes. They may not be much yet, but I'm seeing results already!