I’ve been dating a guy for a bit over 6 months. I’m 24, he’s 28. He’s basically expressed that he’d like to marry me and we have talked about timelines. I’m in favor of not rushing it and it looks like we might be getting engaged after around 1 year of dating and then a 6 month engagement.

We met in the city I moved to after college, I’ve not been super happy here but Im basically sticking it out another 6-12 months for him. Now I have to figure out living situations for those months. He’s military and that’s been the hardest for me to accept… he’s not doing it long term, but Im worried what his prospects will be when he gets out in a few years especially because I want to move back home. He’s super on board and can even get stationed there for the remainder of his time but it’s a HCOL. I don’t know how we’ll ever afford to buy property and I guess I envisioned a good quality of life for my kids.

He’s not making the best money, but it’s enough to live and for him to save a bit and pay down debt. Since he’s older he’s wanting kids pretty much as soon as we marry but I feel very strongly about staying at home when my kids are young. I’m willing to try to work but I’m worried it will be overwhelming to juggle it all. I guess it would be easier with parental help if we do move home though. I think he’s super bright and hard working but he’ll be starting late at whatever is next and there are limited paths to go down. His job rn does not apply to any real world jobs and he has a degree but it’s liberal arts related and not what most employers are looking for. I think he thinks I stress too much about finances and the future but sometimes I think he doesn’t get it… he was raised in a less expensive place and also comes from a well off family so maybe he’s never had to worry about these things. I have an ok job that should go up in pay within the next few years but if kids come soon it’s going to take the back burner.

We have a few things in mind for what’s next but he seems to be aiming low in terms of expected salary. Tech is pretty big where my parents are and he also refuses to ever touch that(it’s fine, there is money to be made elsewhere). Idk I low key expect more but I realize once he’s hit with the axtual cost of living he might change that.

Am I worrying too much? Do things eventually work out?