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The Direction of RPW.

April 4, 2016

As many of you may have noticed, some of our mods have quit recently. I wanted to address that here, and discuss a little bit about our direction.

First, I'd like to let everybody know, they left on their own accord, we didn't force anybody out. Second, I'd like to say that the sub will benefit greatly from this move.

There are a lot of rumors going around as to why the mods left, and I wanted to clear that up so there's no confusion.

Ultimately it was a disagreement between them and me.

When I founded this sub, I founded it on one of the main principles that guide every subreddit in the red pill network: Value truth above all else. There was even a small image in the corner that said "It is better to be slapped with the truth than kissed by a lie."

Unfortunately, the old mod team were not living up to this standard. Rather than embrace truth and encourage open discussion that has make the red pill network subs as popular and successful as they are, they decided that a small clique of women had the one and only strategy to happiness, and anybody who disagreed with them should be banned. That includes a lot of very good contributors, and women who had simply come here for help and understanding.

And by clique, I really mean it. Watching behind the scenes, it played out like the movie Mean Girls. The discussions that took place between myself and the mod team were less about facing hard truths, and instead about who was on who's side and who said what to whom. It was a cat fight.

My original intention was not to disrupt the flow of this subreddit. I never disagreed with the clique on their strategy of marriage. It's a great goal to aspire towards for women. That said, there were some questions about the changing sexual landscape that were being censored. When honest discussion from a red pill perspective is being censored, that's when we knew we had trouble on our hands.

I did my best to appeal to the mod team, but at the end it didn't matter. They did not want to work with me towards the very goals this subreddit was founded upon, and it is my responsibility to the subscribers here to ensure that those principles stay in place.

Everything I feared in my introduction post ended up coming true:

The problem I've seen with female-based sexual strategy forums is that they inevitably focus on what's politically correct. They focus on tempering the message so as not to offend. Because ladies, like it or not, our entire culture currently revolves around not offending you. Seriously. That's today's culture. This forum will embarce truth first and foremost, sensitivity be damned. While I encourage people to remain positive towards each other, plain insults are discouraged, I understand that sometimes the truth will seem like an insult.

What's Not Changing

We're not starting up a Red Pill men explain sub here, this is a sub for women and female sexual strategy. The moderation policy will always be focused on positive female sexual strategy.

The accusation that we want to encourage a "plate school" is nonsense. Men who come to push their agendas (to benefit themselves) will still find themselves kicked out.

Per my original announcement:

RedPillWomen is not the place for men to show up and spout nonsense. We have an unofficial rule on /r/theredpill that basically amounts to: don't listen to women about sexual strategy. It's not that we don't like women, it's that women really have a hard time seeing past what they like to understand men have a different palate. The same goes for men, perhaps even worse so. Men, being the less discriminating gender, are more-or-less programmed to find women sexy.. no matter what. And when a woman says, "I like to eat pie with my fingers" you'll have sex-thirsty guys line up out the door willing to say anything for female validation. "I love women who eat with their fingers."

The goals

Our goals will be identical to my announcement post when we started. Finding long-term sexual strategies to maximize one's happiness and success. This hasn't changed.

We had a radical idea- what if men and women learned about their natures and took proactive control of them, came up with a compromise that made both parties happier in the long run?

We're a cooperative species, and great things can be achieved when we do. Women, you have the ability to find happiness when you embrace the reality of your biological urges and impulses. You have the ability and the requirement to become the optimal mate for your optimal mate. Do not believe the hype that you are good enough how you are, and realize that in life, the only things worth having take work. That's for men and women.

RedPillWomen is self-improvement and long-term goal setting to maximize your personal happiness.

I'm saddened that things had to play out the way they did, but my responsibility remains to you, the subscribers. I apologize for letting you down, and we will not allow this same culture to take over again.

For the next week

We will be working on reinstating the sidebar and stylesheets, as the old team saw fit to try to destroy anything they could on their way out, claiming that it was "theirs" rather than the community's.

We have a few RPW members who have stepped up and are committed to maintaining this vision. We are vetting the members now for the mod team.

And discussion will continue, business as usual.

Thank you.

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