My SO decided that he wanted to buy new doorknobs for the house. He said that he doesn't like the round ones, and wanted the lever kind. My first thought was to wonder how much that's going to cost, because I was pretty sure doorknobs are expensive. My next thought was that he quite possibly will figure that out for himself when he gets to the store. Rather than saying all that, with an excited smile on my face I said "okay".

So we get to the store, and he starts mumbling about how darned expensive doorknobs are. I think he's about to throw in the towel when I see some nice lever knobs on clearance. He likes them, and starts filling up the cart. I begin freaking out inside. We're still in some debt from buying the house, and new doorknobs are not necessary. I start mentally adding up the cost of the doorknobs, which even on clearance are pricey.

Then I stopped myself. Is it worth ruining a really pleasant weekend over some freakin' doorknobs? No. Have I not made some possibly unnecessary purchases since we've been in debt? I have. Are these doorknobs going to make us happy? Yes. Am I trusting him to do what's best for us if I question his spending? No.

I kept my mouth shut, and the hamster inside shut up before we even left the store. I'm glad I kept quiet. He installed all of the knobs while I did some sewing. I actually really like them. It's quite handy being able to use an elbow to open a door, and they look awesome.

He looked so proud of his new doorknobs, and that I liked them. I'm happy I didn't crush that by not trusting him.