I'm thrilled about this subject. I had read and inform myself about the topic but I'm still confused. For my education and the way my parents raise me I ended up being clueless about relationships, especially with the opposite sex. Coming back to the present time, there's a ton of information and books and coaches that teachs about relationships and stuff. And this Saturday night, thinking about it, I saw that some men say that "sex doesn't built an emotional connection". That a man could have sex with someone and doesn't mean anything. And on the other hand we have the books where it says that for men is soo important having sex with they partners because is a way to create intimacy and connection. On the other side we have many young men that have girlfriends and even though they want to have sex with multiple women, they even say to their girlfriends that they "want variety" So what is the truth? What's the meaning of sex for a man? Is not important, is important, is an ego thing, is for the peer pressure of perform, it builts intimacy? Or not?

When is ok to say yes to sex? When you want to have a relationship with him? How does the other person sees you after having it?