Edit: Thanks everyone who has shared their input, their stories. It's really eye opening and inspirational. It's given me a lot to think about as far as what is important to me and the kind of person I want to share my love and life with.

I see a lot of posts about "what did you do for him today", "how do you spoil your man", etc. I've been getting in to pampering my partner, he even commented on it the other day! It felt good, no actually, it felt great! To hear that I made him feel valued, loved, "pampered" is actually the word he used. However,at the end of the day he goes to bed feeling good about himself and I'm left feeling kind of void.

I really want to hear happy, enlightening stories about what your partner does for you. Actions, words, stories you're willing to share no matter how big or small because right now I'm struggling with a little bit of resentment and possible teetering on a life changing realization as I become a different, better, person that my partner isn't really the forever guy for me.