Hi Red Pill Ladies,

This is a topic I have been chewing on for quite some time and am curious as to what you all think.

For those of you working full time with careers, are there any of you who make more than your significant other?

I am in a career which I love, which is sure to yield a high income and may surpass my significant others within the next year. I do my best to remain yielding and let him know that he is number 1, but within my career, I am the "Strong female" type. I negotiate large contracts for a living, so clients who hire me and pay me dont want the "demure and yielding" type....but I want to be that for my significant other and I want that sort of relationship.

It's almost as if I play two roles. Not that I am "Acting" or "lying" in either role, as both of them are me. Do any of you others experience anything like this? Having to be one thing in your career, and something different for your significant other?

More specifically, heres the real question:

For those of you working full time with an income at or above your significant others, how do you manage this? Does he manage the finances 100%? Does he know how much you make? How do you maintain your yielding nature, while being the "bread winner"?

This is something I am mentally wrestling with. So far, we are not married and do not share finances. He does very well for himself, and will continue to do so, but so will I. Quitting my job or "playing small" is not an option, as I love what I do. I will eventually step away from my career to have children and raise them, but for now this is what my career is and I dont want to potentially undermine him.

He brings it up from time to time about how we can be a "power couple" but I dont necessarily want that. I do want to earn a living and contribute financially, but I want him to be the bread winner and the one in charge of finances. So far, since we dont share finances, I make sure to let him know I respect his decisions and choices with money and dont make any big / irresponsible purchases without him. In fact, he was there every step of the way when I got a car and I made it his final call, instead of mine.

I am doing my best to keep the power on his side when it comes to finances and income, as I really want to be a great mother and wife some day, but it is looking inevitable that my income will match or surpass his.

How does one side-step or work with this? How does one take this and make it empowering for their man? I dont want to come across as an "independent - I dont need a man" type of woman...but I'm also not one to put in only half the work for half the results or income.


*EDIT: Great Info here. Thanks all! I think the biggest take-away for me is that use TRP as a guideline to work with my SO. Meaning, if my SO is fine with an income gap, it's fine with me. I am relatively new to TRP and sometimes confuse what could be seen as "right" or "Wrong" in a relationship....and yeah, then over think things when my SO and I are the only ones who can determine right and wrong in our relationships :) Thanks again for the great insight! Cool to see so many other hard working, financially secure yet feminine and lovely women here! Heres to having "it all!" ;) *