I wanted to share with you all an example of leaning on my husband's wisdom.

I had a messy situation at work this week that was complicated, miserable, etc. I was really stressed about if what I was doing what the "right thing" in the "right way" at the "right time." Being a woman, I feel like my logic talks to me independently of my feelings. I can't quite turn off that messy feeling stuff, and in order to be effective at work, I need to be able to identify my uncomfortable feelings and set them aside and do what needs to be done.

So Friday was rough for some of the staff. I was getting ready to close, counting the cash drawer when I said to my coworker, "I'm feeling nuts right now, but when I talk to my husband tonight, I know I'll feel better. He'll be honest, and he'll put everything in perspective. He is a fantastic leader and has a lot more experience in this than I do. I know that I'll feel better after hearing from him." My coworker said, "Wow, that sounds so nice. I wish I had that." (She's a newlywed, and I'm guessing that she hasn't learned the art of surrendering yet.)

So, I went home, prepped my husband by saying, "I had a terrible day at work. I just need to talk for five minutes to give you the needed information, and then I need your wisdom." I told him the situation. I asked for his views. I also said that I worried that I wasn't cut out for management (possible promotion coming up) and that I was more than willing to bump down to part time or to quit and stay home.

He listened patiently. He reflected. He then spoke the truth and quieted my soul. He reassured me that he would let me know if my work life was interfering with my Mom/Wife life (something I have been worried about). He said, "You are a fantastic mother [to our 10 year-old], and she would tell you that if you asked her. But her opinion doesn't count. Mine does." Zing! How true.

So this is what RPW looks like in my house. It's not about being a doormat (like outsiders might think) or trying to have the perfect Stepford Wife image. It's about trusting my husband to know me, to know himself, and to have our best interests at heart and to have the wisdom to guide our family.