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This is a very dirty post about how I please my husband so disregard if the subject makes you uncomfortable.

November 24, 2018

I have a regular account, but I've started this one because discussing sex is not on par with the rest of my profile. I also post make-up with my face and fitness reports so I prefer to stay anonymous there...especially because this post is scandalous.

Some people have asked me advice in my sex life so I will share details to help other RPW.

My husband is Chad. He's 42. I am 31. We have been married for 6 years. He makes a lot of money. His body is spectacular.

He is only turned on by me when it comes to women and when it comes to sex and I was sure to make it this way.

How? I have a lot of competition. Young girls want him and they want him badly because of his position and his appearance. I don't want him to stray. How do I remedy This?

Simple. I eat well. Very well. Greens and simple proteins. Stretch. Moisturize. My hair is my pride. Salmon, omega 3's, avocado, vitamin C...collagen producing agents and NOT A DAY goes by that I don't moisturize my skin with oil.

When it comes to sex I am an extreme pervert...for HIM.

I'll begin by letting you know that I have conditioned myself to become incredibly turned on by his body and his smell. He travels for work often. I sleep with his underwear on my teddy bear's head. When he Skypes me I am snuggled in bed with my teddy bear, which is sweet and "innocent," but I tell him that my teddy bear now smells like his sexy parts and every time I turn I feel aroused because I smell him.

Then it appears that I am a sweet girl with my nice pajamas in bed, with my teddy bear, and when we talk I am suddenly able to reference the smell of his underwear and become turned on for him.

You can bet our Skype sessions when he is away are so long and so hot and resulting in so many orgasms that I can confidently be sure he'd not stray.

When we are together, which is the majority of the time, I am his buddy. We wrestle, (and with genuine aggression!) We talk about politics, and we engage in banter.

Sometimes he hurts me as a woman. Sometimes his banter cuts deep into my insecurities. It is VERY rare when I do this, but sometimes I just curl up and say "baby, you are too hard, you win. I just want you to be nice to me." And he will back off.

When it comes to sex, my only objective is his pleasure. Talking dirty to him makes me feel so scandalous that I become hopelessly aroused, and that he is beside himself.

I smell him. Then I moan. I smell his private parts when I sit above him and he is lying down and I tell him he smells so Mich like a man, so beautiful, I tell him I am drunk from his smell. I kiss his balls and his penis like they are holy. I run my hands over his bells and softly up his thighs while I gently kiss his area. I say things like,

"Mmm baby y iu are my man. Hmm baby you are my King. Mmm mmm baby, you are delicious, don't you move, I want to smell you and eat you and taste you all day, mmm mmm baby the way you smell and the way you taste makes me drip, how can you be so perfect?" All with adoring kisses and soft pets.

Then I suck him with desperation. I should! Do I want some 20 year old to take him??? NOPE.

I warm up my kegels the whole time I go down on him. It almost brings me to orgasm.

Women underestime how much a man is turned on by a woman who wants him.

He Is beside himself when he finds me dripping from going down on him.

That's the thing! My husband and I have an insane sex life.

He can't get off from any other woman at this point because he has a woman who is so insanely lustful for him in bed.

Cook, clean, be submissive, yes...all part of RPW.

The best way to be a good wife for your man is to take your man to physical heaven.

Always and often and with your whole heart.

I think we worry so much about how to be perfect in other ways but when we show them abject sexual bliss, they are willing to forgive a lot.

Love him with confidence.

No quality man wants a doormat. He wants a loyal, adoring partner who pushes him to aspire to new heights.

Be an inspiration to you man. Love him sexually until he's passed out, support him, laugh at him in camaraderie, and have a yummy dinner and a clean house and a hot oil rub ready for him when he comes home...then give him a dismissive little neg while you bend over in your ya go pants with a coquettish smile.

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