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This is Rumor Control. Here are the facts.

April 5, 2016

Y'all know me.

I'm that guy who switches wildly back and forth between being diplomatic and saying crazy things. I've been diplomatic for a while, and as a consequence, some lying liars are getting away with telling lies about people far better than a jerk like me.

So I'm here to tell you the truth before riding off into the sunset. Ain't gonna be pretty.

This is the story of how the Gang of Five tried to stage a coup against Chairman Mao, and wound up in exile instead.

(All quotes paraphased from memory, or secondhand)

The scene is Women's Cadre of The Red Brigade, the time ~ 1.5 years ago:

Wong Pao Er: If you look, really look, at the modern laws surrounding marriage, it's all stick and no carrot for men. {statistics, anecdotes, etc}. Surely attempting to get a man you love to sign this kind of contract is bourgeois counterrevolutionary behaviour. Perhaps a communist alternative would be for members of the proletariat to cohabit and act as a committed couple without signing capitalist papers that strip rights from the people.

Someone: But what if he leaves you? Without marriage, you have no protection against this.

Wong Pao Er: If a legal contract is the only thing that stops him abandoning you, the marriage is already dead.

Exchange gradually increasing in heat, Gang of Five bans Wong Pao Er for "being a lackey of the capitalist running dogs"

1.5 years of silence...

Escalating tension as the Men's and Women's cadres of the Red Brigade talk shit about each other, and are increasingly unwelcome on the other side of the line.

Gang of Five: Chairman Mao, could we be made mods in askThePeoplesDaily? We could help you take care of the place. It needs some work.

Chairman Mao: I have some doubts, but some of these plans seem good, let's give it a trial run.

Gang of Five immediately bans Wong Pao Er from askThePeoplesDaily.

Politburo: Holy shit, you banned one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party ? You can't just go and do that.

Politburo unbans Wong Pao Er, unmods Gang of Five, bans Gang of Five.

Chairman Mao: Okay, both of you, this ends now. The Gang of Five is unbanned from askThePeoplesDaily. Wong Pao Er is unbanned from the Women's Cadre Discussion Group. We're all good communists, and we need to engage in vigorous debate over Marxist principles, not purge each other like greedy capitalists. Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.

Gang of Five: Chairman Mao is forcing us to be revisionist Trotskyites! We will retreat to the island of Taiwan, where we can practice good Marxist-Leninist social doctrine!

Wong Pao Er: The tensions were always there, and this needed solving, but if you hadn't tried to throw your weight around in askThePeoplesDaily... none of this would have happened to you.

We now return you from communist China, and this amusing little tale of an attempted power grab gone wrong.

The moral of this story? You can decide that for yourself, but I might suggest that marginalized groups should avoid infighting. Because when communists fight, capitalists win.

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