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Too concrete, too literal, take a step back.

July 29, 2013

Have you noticed it yet?

Every couple of days, a woman wanders in here with a throwaway account, and she's had twenty different sexual partners. Or she doesn't want kids. Or she has a degree in engineering. And she either whimpers that her life is over, or defies us to explain her in particular, as if her very existence disproved everything we know about men and women.

And it's not just the one-off, in-and-out posters, either.

You're taking this all way too literally.

The red pill is some information. Not instructions. And that information is about basic principles, not universal specifics.

There's a basic red pill truth in effect here, and it's impacting how you interpret the other information.

Women are generally more submissive than men. Not always, not entirely, but generally and mostly.

That's why you are all treating this as a list of instructions. It's not. It's information for you to use in figuring and planning out your life. Yes, there things you need to do. Yes, you're inclined to ask what you need to do. But, no, people who don't know you can't figure out the specifics.

So if you don't kids, or you want a career, or you're not so into powerful, dominant men... does that mean none of this applies to you? No. Because none of these are the real principles we're really talking about.

What are some of these basic principles we're really talking about?

  • Relationships, not achievements, are what makes women happy. That's why redpillian advice says things like "have children when you're young", and "prioritize marriage over your career", and "don't slut around", and "be sweet and nice, not sassy and competitive".

You see, all of these things are intended to build you satisfying and long-lasting relationships. With your man, with your children, with your friends. And to persuade you not to sacrifice those relationships for a career that will not fulfill you. This is why women get paid less than men... because they make less sacrifices for their career. And that's good for them.

  • Masculine, not feminine, qualities are what women find attractive and fulfilling in a mate.

  • Feminine, not masculine, qualities are what men find attractive and fulfilling in a mate.

  • Feminine attractiveness becomes harder to achieve or maintain with age. Male attractiveness does not.

Do you get the point? Stop looking for a precise set of instructions on how to live your life. I know you're somewhat submissive by nature, and precise instructions would be comfortable, but people who don't know you cannot give them to you.

Instead, keep the principles in mind, when making decisions. Should you move to another city with your boyfriend when he gets that better job? Should you be receptive to that 40 year old guy hitting on your 22 year old self? Should you have the children you want at 23, or wait until 35?

So let's not hear anymore of this "Look, I have an engineering degree, none of this stuff must be about me at all!", "Oh, noes, I love a man who refuses to even consider marriage 2.0! I must be doomed!", "I don't want children at all, all your theories must be wrong, wrong, wrong!".


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