So, as a few of you know, I have been really diving head first into this RP thing since the new year, and after about 6 months of lurking.

Prior to this, I was stressed out about if/when my boyfriend wanted to marry me, whether we were on the same page or not, and if I would be able to contribute what he needs in this relationship. In fact, I posted something here a few months ago asking if these were "signs" or if I was being crazy.

Well, I dont know. Call it a coincidence, an act of God or just flat out fate. This past weekend, boyfriend goes up to the bar to meet up with friends. Friends never show up. He makes small talk with the older guy (60's) sitting next to him at the bar. They agree to split a pizza / wine while watching the game. The guy tells boyfriend that he is the CEO of a famous engagement ring / jewelry company (which will remain anonymous for obvious reasons). We fact check, and he in fact, is the CEO of famous engagement ring company. Basically, every female who has ever thought of a ring has heard of this company. Everyone.

I was at work while all of this is going on, but apparently they split 3 bottles of wine and talked for 3 hours before I made it up there. Mr. CEO if beautiful ring sits both of us down (again, after bottle 3 of wine) and tells both of us that we need to chat out all of our worries, fears and get on the same page with our plan...TONIGHT. And that if/when we do, and when we are ready to take that next step, he will help us personally design something for us. Holy crazy! Boyfriend said he had his cell phone number and was meeting with him soon. What!

So, heres the good part. Boyfriend and I lay all of our cards out there on the table. We share fears, wants, dreams, and he tells me that he is, in fact, going to marry me.

Whattttt!!! Freaking out over here with excitement.

we talk about our mutual goals, our life together, and he tells me the following things, which made me smile on the inside thinking of you all, remembering TRP.

He said:

1) I really dont want you to try to keep up with me financially or career wise. You will never be able to be. I want you to be able to graciously receive, never stop working hard, and just know that I will always take care of you.

2) I only want your love, support and loyalty. You dont have to be / do anything else. That is all I want from you, for the rest of our lives.

So there ya have it ladies, it has been proven yet again. And this is coming from the career-driven female who has always been independent striving to (and succeeding at) making 6 figures year. It doesn't matter. HE WANTS MY LOVE, LOYALTY, SWEETNESS AND SUPPORT, not what I can do or provide at work.

Holy crap. I can't believe all of this is happening. I am still a bit shell shocked that we had all of this conversation and I am completely elated to find out we are finally on the same page with our wants / dreams / desires and goals.

Heres a question though. As he is preparing to surprise me with a ring (likely by fourth quarter this year, from what he said) I want to surprise him by paying all of my debts off. He knows I have a lot in student loans, and I could potentially find a way to clear that up rather soon (Although it will be challenging). Would this be a cool surprise to present him with once he presents the ring? (no, not like a contingency..but like a surprise!) He already told me he is saving up to pay off my debt "once we become one" but i would really like to show him my dedication and commitment to being financially sound and that I am not in this to take advantage of him financially.

Would paying off all of my debt prior to an engagement, to surprise him, be a cool thing to do? Is that something I should try to surprise him with, since he is planning on surprising me with the life of my dreams? Or is this not really something I should think too much about.

I really want to be able to come into this marriage / life with him with 0 debts against me, so we can build the life of our dreams together and not start from being in the hole.