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EDIT2: I'm rewriting this post because I felt the original update here made a big deal about small issues and I'd like the focus to be more on thanking the redpill community and perhaps some helpful insights. If you'd like the original wall of text pm me and I'll send it to you.

Following redpill allowed me to be expressly exclusive with the guy I am seeing. The relationship does have less certainty and security as my other relationships but I think that's because I still feel like we are in a "trial" period where if I screw up, he could dump me. He has been pretty forgiving of some mistakes though and I appreciate that. Some people are arguing that I'm still a plate because we are careful about using the terms boyfriend and girlfriend. Perhaps they are right, but at least I am one step closer to where I'd like to be, and feel we will start using those words more frequently as we get used to being together. I'll update again if there is a clear discussion where we make those labels official, but as it stands, he would still have to formally break up with me before dating or hooking up with someone else. The more I incorporate redpill, the more I realize I really agree with the entire thought process, so much that I am very sensitive and aware of my mistakes.

What I've really learned about in the past couple of weeks is how women and men respond to jealousy. Dread game from guys works, but a female counterattack does not work at all. The best way to respond is to be confident that he is still choosing you over other women. You shouldn't try to play games/compete on his level, as he will see that as immature. Instead, be a better woman by competing with whatever admirer he is humoring rather than competing with him.