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February 17, 2017

I posted an anxiety ridden situation a few days ago (can someone help link it? I'm on my mobile and don't know how...!)

If anyone is curious, when he came to pick me up at the airport, he was a bit quiet (I was jabbering because we hadn't seen each other in two months). Then he said he was going to stop by his parents house to drop something off...Unfortunately they weren't home, I thought maybe was a fluke haha. I hadn't mentioned the parents situation for about a month or so but he knew I was a bit upset last time I visited (December).

But then two nights later he said, "we'll take the car Thursday (yesterday) to drop off the things at my parents and also so you can meet my mother..." (cue excitement and relief!!!)

Also he was being very protective and caring about our future, telling me his plan for us and also his intentions with me.

Anyways I'm so glad I took this second trip to see him, because it just put in perspective that it's not just "marriage is the goal" but that we are building a life together because we want to be there for each other and deal with life's problems together, and the last few days proved how he was such a good leader for us. Not just what he was saying to me about us but also when I hear him talk about his plans and his hopes for life...I just know he's the one for me. Even if he doesn't have his career/finances completely figured out, I know he's trying and I respect him for it, and I still know he's the one because I trust the way he's handling his situation. I just know.

Thanks ladies for all your support!!!

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Original post here.

Glad this turned around so nicely!

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Glad to hear it! :-)

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