The moderation team decided it would be a good idea to revisit two posts. This post by /u/VigilantRedRooster is a must read for any man that wants to participate here. Please do not say “man here,” “as a male” or anything along those lines. Comments and posts that violate this rule will be removed and the user will be asked to edit their flair. Comments and threads will be approved once more after edits have been made.

There will also be a new addition to the male participation rules. From now on, men should only comment on this sub if they also have already put forth the time and effort to participate on one or more of the following subs: askTRP, TRP, or MRP. If you are a man reading this, and you have no activity on any of those subs, then you need to take a break from RPW and concentrate your efforts elsewhere for now.

Numerical targets will not be listed, and moderators have total discretion on whether a user has met this criteria or not. This is meant to avoid situations where a user meets the letter of the rule but not the spirit. If a man makes 80 vague comments on the other subs (low effort) that is obviously not meeting the spirit of the rule. Male participation should only come from those individuals that have displayed competence on the male focused subs, and can then display a comprehensive understanding of the RPW nuances as well.

Next, when a moderator explains why a comment or post has been removed, that is not an invitation to start debating the matter. Arguing with any moderator is not advisable, and will lead to either a temporary or permanent ban. Asking for clarification is allowed, just be polite and do not assume an arrogant stance. If you wish to be treated with respect, you must first be respectful.

Here is the second post that everyone should take the time to revisit. Let it be known that regardless of the reputation you build, moderators have final say on all matters, and it is unwise to assume that your age, relationship status, or how long you have been on reddit will in any way ‘out rank’ a moderator.

We want to encourage a friendly, and thoughtful environment here. This means that snappy retorts are unhelpful and often only derail a conversation. If you do not have time to fully and completely write out your thoughts, then you should refrain from commenting until you do have time. “Be polite, or be quiet” should be a guiding principle for everyone.

Finally, all advice must be RP, and if you are sharing your personal opinion that does not align with RP ideas then please be sure to clarify this fact. It’s especially important to be clear about this when talking to new users. A reminder: Don't feed the trolls! If someone posts something out of line, use the REPORT function and resist the temptation to engage them. It worsens the problem and gives the moderators a lot more clean up work.

If you have additional questions or concerns please message the moderators, or leave a constructive comment below. This community should be a place of compassion, providing healthy RP insights to all the women that want to learn and grow.