Hi, My friend introduced me to RPW and encouraged me to ask some questions on here since I am always bombarding her with questions.

A little about myself: I am 26, I have been in 3 previous LTRs which two of them I had sex in before commitment. These however were the only guys I've ever been sexually active with. I very much want to get married and have kids or at the very least have a strong bond that will hopefully last till my rocking chair days. I've been reading the sidebar and some of TRP theory in general. As far as my SMV goes, I know I am getting old according to this community but people always compliment me on how young I look. I keep in shape, eat healthy, and am overall pleasant and respectful in my demeanor. I never gave my age too much thought before finding out about this, but I'm definitely, genuinely freaking out that I'm gonna have an "expired" notice on my forehead. So, I feel the pressure to step up my game and search.

Now down to the question: as I enter the dating realm again, I want to understand the ground rules for being a RPW and datign better. I've read articles on here when I was lurking about how to restrain from sex before commitment/exclusivity, but I'm still confused about a few things.

When you tell the guy who you are dating that you won't have sex before commitment are you supposed to be ok with him having sex doing other stuff with girls until he decides to give you commitment? How do you mentally make yourself ok with him seeing others while seeing you while you are waiting for commitment that might not come and developing feelings for him?

What stuff is ok to go to do before commitment i.e. how far can you go......kissing/making-out, touching...etc.? Is oral, bj, hand jobs all out of the question? What level should you strictly keep it at?

After you receive commitment how long do you wait to have sex then cause I'm assuming you don't jump each other the minute he says "I just want you and to be exclusive with you" cause you could do it and then he could just break the commitment.....and boom increased "n" count for no reason.

Is there an appropriate amount of time to wait around for commitment, is there an amount of time that's too soon or too long?

Also, If he gives you commitment but you don't have sex right away (you wait another 1-2 weeks), how do you know he is truly being committed to you/abstaining from seeing other girls.

I hope my questions are clear because my mind is foggy. I just feel like I have limited time and don't want to pay for any stupid mistakes and set myself back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks! :)