I try to have an attitude of sexual availability for my husband, but usually deep down I don't want to have sex. When he wants to have sex I have to slap on a fake smile and drag myself into the bedroom, and during the act I have to fake enthusiasm. (I don't fake orgasms, just general enjoyment.) I'd like to actually enjoy it. Faking is a drag, and sometimes he can tell I'm faking and it hurts his feelings, so this really needs to change.

It's been an occasional problem for several years, but it got really bad over the last year and a half because DH has been shooting for the main event after less and less foreplay. Foreplay is nearly nonexistent now. I've mentioned the problem but I haven't made a big enough deal about it. I'm going to have a sit-down talk with him this week. I expect he'll change things, but I know myself, and I KNOW my attitude will not change overnight. I'm still going to think of sex as a giant annoyance, and not genuinely feel excited about it. Plus my deep-down feelings were an occasional problem back when we had foreplay, so I needed some help regardless.

Things I already do:

-I got comfortable being naked around him with the lights on.

-If I can guess he's going to be interested later in the day, I wear sexy underwear all day to try to get myself in the mood (this used to help a lot but it doesn't anymore).

-I let him know which cologne turns me on and which of his types of boxers I find appealing (also used to help but doesn't anymore).

-I'm comfortable talking about sex, appreciating sexual humor, etc. throughout the day, i.e. not being prudish. I got over my religious upbringing belief that women shouldn't "act like whores" or enjoy sex.

-I'm doing more aerobics lately, which helps attitude in a lot of ways so I'm hoping it will help with this.

-I tried offering oral since it's a little easier to psych myself up for, but he strongly prefers intercourse.

-I worked hard on my thought patterns so I could stop my antidepressant, in case that was hurting my libido and because I wanted off of it in general. (The depression hasn't returned. I'm still anxious but the pill wasn't helping my anxiety anyway.)

-I've never taken hormonal birth control.

TL;DR: Lack of foreplay killed my enthusiasm for sex. The foreplay problem is about to be solved, but rebuilding my attitude will still take work. 1) How can I improve my overall "not really a fun thing" attitude about sex, and 2) what are some specific things I can do in the moment to get more excited, so I don't have to fake enthusiasm?