I'm in a new area and I want to make some new friends. However, I want friends that will not be a hindrance to my relationship. No party girls!! I work in a bar (money is decent) so lots of girls that aren't in school (I want to be around motivated people), single moms (not widows), etc. I have a friend at work who is freaking beautiful and really nice, but she is also a DJ, does molly and other stuff. She isn't easy, but she definitely uses her looks to milk guys. My best friend is not a RPW, but she isn't a feminist and she is a great friend to me. My sister is actually a perfectly RP woman but she is 12 years older than me, lives in another state and always rats me out to my mom (I'm trying to figure out how to mend things with her but that is for another post). Where do you find girls that are 20s-30s, stylish, socially concious (NOT SJWS! I mean wanting to make a difference against poverty and other IMPORTANT social issues) and maintain rp values in relationships? Am I looking for too much?

Also, I don't know if I have the best judgement because I met a girl at the gym who made me feel sorry for her and kept telling me how she hadn't eaten in 2 days so I gave her $20. Next time we went to work out she said her mom ate the food she got with the $20 so I bought her groceries but told my boyfriend and we decided it wasn't a good idea to stay friends with her so I cut it off there... so I'm skeptical about trusting people until I know them more.