RP man here. I've been pondering, need female opinions, and I expect there will be less cosmo-esque bullshit here.

I like the girl next door type. Pretty, sundress wearing, easy-going girls. Those type of women seem to be abundant in church circles. It seems that, in most cases, atheist women tend to be the "I don't neeeed no man.....but I'll be glad to string him along and/or take his money/stuff" type. Trouble is, I'm definitely on the side that thinks science killed god.

I try not to think less of someone who has religious values, and it's easier the less zealous the believer is. For example, a twice-a-year christian doesn't catch a lot of flack from me. Magic-underwear-wearing mormon? Yea, I think you'll full of shit. No apologies. And I'm even easier to get along with if the believer doesn't take it upon themselves to try and save my soul.

The thing is, my experience with religious folk is that if you're not with them, you're against them; they're not exactly tolerant of opposing lifestyles. Unless you're still in that "I think I can save him" stage. Religious ladies, what's the view from the opposing side of the fence? What do you think of us male heathens as a mate? A wolf hunting a flock of sheep, or just a potential mate with differing life views?