This is my first post and I'm writing this really quickly so this might be a bit of a messy run on but here it goes.

My fiancé and I have been saving up to move in together by the end of this summer. For the past few months however, he has been adamant about moving 8 hours north without me for the next year and a half while I am stuck at my parents house finishing school. I am not on board with doing a long distance relationship at all especially after all the work we've done so we could live together.

I have been in a LDR before and we couldn't even last a month apart because my ex cheated on me as soon as he moved away for school. My fiancé is nothing like him of course but that still doesn't mean that I'm going to be all for it.

The only real benefit to him moving up there is the fact that he'll make $2.50 more an hour. I would much rather have us be together than him making a couple extra bucks. I would move anywhere in the world that he wanted to if he could just wait only three more semesters to do it.

So this has obviously led us to several arguments and he finally agreed to give up the idea after I explained my insecurities to him. A few weeks later after I thought everything was solved, my fiancé told me that if he gets the chance to move up north, he's going to take it no matter what. I honestly feel like everything I have told him and my feelings have been completely disregarded at this point. I know it's not fair to use my insecurities as an excuse and I have some growing to to. I also know that ultimately I need to let him make the final decision and lead us as a couple. It's as if I have been put on the back burner now and I don't where to go from here. So what do you do when you've come to a cross roads with your SO and you feel like you just have to put your foot down?