Please understand I have no idea To whom it may concern, I am 18 female. As seen with my previous (admittedly tactless) post, I am without understanding or satisfaction with feminine nature. Even before I found the red pill, it was a huge problem to consider. I was raised (rather held myself) on the male standard of honor and value. Which is strength, war, self reliance, girls (lots), protecting, fearlessness and destroying. But as I’ve read around this sub and others, it seems that isn’t the goal or need of women. I understand biology is different, but I find ours to be “unsatisfactory” in how it is described to me.

I question what purpose I have. What value I give? What is my purpose on this earth? Am I worse than men? I’ve always felt worse. Like being a girl was something I needed to make up for, and being a teen in the peak of the feminism and transgender craze didn’t help. Neither did the red pill. I seems everybody else agrees to my (presumed)inferiority. I cant listen to other woman speak, without crying because they aren’t as aggressive and liked as the men I follow. Patrice o Neal said when you tell women the truth it’s misogyny.

I just don’t get what is my thing? The study of feminine biology seems to keep giving me these ideal ideas of womanhood. “Wow” this and “Who needs to go to war ?” That. I just met a stay at home mom for the first time. She agrees women have a skill set, but looking for value outside it is fruitless. That you can’t get a husband outside your prime. This need of marriage and children is one of my most hated things about my biology. Her husband was her boss. Her last word. She trust him, and accepted he will never be truly faithful. That shit scares me. Like if I don’t marry somebody bette n me my lineage will suffer.

What I enjoy about women is they are calm and nice and not often concerned with climbing the social order. Motherhood is beautiful, my own is perfect. What bothers me is, I can’t seem to find anything else of much considering in womanhood. Like men make the planes, fly the planes, get the Purple Hearts, and woman….Beni fits by marrying the pilot. It just seems like why base your value on the other gender when you can be that Purple Heart

I can see from this sub y’all have a deep concern with marriage and child rearing. Lovely, absolutely. But what else? What else ? I know I’m never getting married. I feel lowered by the thought of marrying somebody better than me, who has no real obligation to me.

I hope you can see this from my perspective. This It post I’ll make on this topic. So please don’t bite my head of