So something that came up in conversation with a red pill minded male friend of mine whilst discussing the dating game. The way he put it is that men and women are both earning points, a mans points dictate how much he has to spend and a woman's points show how expensive she is (so far we are on the same page, a man isn't going to go for a "cheap" women when he can afford a better one and a women isn't going to lower her "price" for a man who can't afford her). But the imagery he used was more so a man flicking through a catalog and picking out the women that he likes and he just got these women because he can afford them, and after a while if he wants to settle down to one he can just choose the best.

Personally I have never really thought of it this way, and it seems a bit off to me. I have always thought of it in terms of a man can sit at the buffet and take as much as he likes if he so chooses, but women look at the menu and choose the meal that is best for them. A woman's sexual experience and number of sexual partners lowers her value so should she not be the one that is picky? Should she not reject any man who would not make suitable partners? Should we not be looking to get the best price we possibly can, even if this means rejecting the first offer that comes our way? Instead I see men putting it in terms of women waiting for a man to come along and choose them.

Am I just nit picking on wording when we actually agree? Or am I being a tad narcissistic? If anyone could add their opinion on dating philosophy or help to clarify it would be much appreciated.