I don't mean your stand mixer, chef's knife, or skillet. What is something that most people don't own or don't use that has made your life so much easier? Tell me your secrets, ladies!

My double answer: I am obsessed with my bench scraper. I use it to pick vegetables or fruit up from the cutting board or counter, to portion dough for rolls or meat for patties, to scrape up sticky things from the counter, etc.

I'm also obsessed with my little cordless electrolux vacuum. It won't replace a real vacuum, but I use it to pick up crumbs after I wipe the counters, and it keeps the kitchen from looking like a war zone in between proper cleanings. Plus it's light, quiet (especially important for apartment dwellers), has a pop out handheld vacuum (with included attachment), and small enough to fit in the corner completely unobtrusively. It's a kitchen-cleaning step that I don't skip.

(Side note: I've also heard people talk about their dutch ovens this way. I have a non-coated one I use for camping, but my enamel coated one is 9 quarts--way too massive for everyday use/two people. If you use your dutch oven regularly, what size is yours?)