Hi RPW!! So, I was looking for a bit of insight and maybe if others have similar husbands. Or maybe just a slap in the face to wake me up from my own insecurities.

When work stresses him out he becomes very apathetic at home, he kind of blocks out everything around him, he retreats to his office, or his video games. I don't mind - I have things to do around the house - But - we're 6 months into this marriage and I'm trying to set a really good solid foundation for a healthy sex life. When work has him this stressed sex is about the last thing on his mind. I'm walking around naked, I'm joining him in the shower and now I'm feeling a bit dishearten because I'm "unwanted" It's stupid. Like I get it -- he's totally allowed to have other things on his mind. And perhaps he'd prefer to be in his own headspace working through the issues of the day then get distracted with me.

I guess I'm struggling to find ways to be intimate that aren't fucking. I'd like to help him de-stress but it seems sex is not the answer in this particular situation -- other suggestions RPW??