So I stumbled upon this sub, and r/TheRedPill earlier today. I was very intrigued, sent a few articles to my loving boyfriend, and he said that kind of reminds him of us right now.

My question is how do I go about infusing this into our relationship?

When we were talking about the articles, I commented on how dominant he is in our relationship, he says that I bring that out in him, he knows I'm not going to leave (and I know he won't leave, we are so incredibly in love it would be ridiculous to even consider), so that allows him to be a little more outspoken, I guess, more honest about things because he's not walking on eggshells worried about hurting my feelings.

Thank you in advance! I'm looking forward to what you lovely ladies have to say. I'm very interested in y'alls journey as well, how you ended up swallowing the Red Pill.