TRP is the only place where I have seen men openly say they prefer women with make up.

I wear make up on a daily basis, and quite often get comments from my male coworkers, family members, and even strangers that I "don't need to cover everything up". Yet, when I've gone make-up free as an experiment in the past I get bombarded with comments like "What's wrong!" and "Are you okay? You don't look well". I know I'm not the only one who experiences this. All of my female friends have had this comment repeatedly - including one who literally only wears mascara (though has super long eyelashes). And what prompted me to ask this question is some comments on a few make up tutorial videos I've watched on youtube from men informing the women they look better without the make up.

Sometimes, despite my efforts, I get irritated by this type of comment. It really does come off to me as "you COULD be beautiful if you didn't cover your face with all that godawful crap". But mostly I am just puzzled - what on earth would prompt a man to say that?

I've got the following theories:

  • It's said as a compliment - a way of emphasising how beautiful you really are
  • What they say is to be taken very literally and not as advice (you look good but seems like you'd look fine without it too)
  • It's false advertising (I don't like wondering what lurks under that layer of foundation)
  • They truly don't like make up, or the make up that you are wearing
  • They don't properly understand make up, and are just referring to "obvious" make up such as dark eyeliner and lipstick
  • They look at make up in a more functional way - as a tool for ugly women to look better
  • They view make up as a way to communicate sexual availability - men are concerned you're unwittingly coming across as an easy lay

And, the one I'm leaning towards (kind of related to false advertising)...

  • It's our version of "just be yourself! Then you'll find the right woman for you". Just as women ideally want a natural alpha (not one who has "learned" to be that way), men ideally want a natural beauty (not one who has "learned" to be beautiful through make up tricks).

While I'm probably over-thinking it - it's something that has puzzled me for some time.

What do you think?