First of all, I'm not posting this to sham my boyfriend. If anything this is probably my fault and the fault of Feminism.

However, I feel like a lot of the time my boyfriend treats me like one of the guys and doesn't understand that as a woman, certain things are going to be a bit harder for me.

For instance, when he asks me to help him move a piece of furniture, he doesn't understand that I'm not as strong as him, and gets mad when I have a hard time doing it. Or when we sword fight, he expects me to be just as good as he is. Or at the gym he says I'm not lifting/exerting myself enough.

I guess he's good with women because he doesn't give them the pedestal treatment, and instead treats them as he would any guy. But sometimes it's just annoying. It's like he wants me to be his bro and girlfriend - and it's hard to be both.

Probably my fault for acting too much like a guy in certain situations.

Yet as someone who does not believe in Feminism, and does not believe men and women are the same, how can I explain to him that I'm going to be worse than him at physical feats because in reality - a whopping majority of women are not as physically strong as most men.

He's also said he's not a Feminist, but he thinks that men and women are almost exactly the same except for different genitals. I don't believe this at all.

But yeah, I can be feminine and cutesie in certain ways. I cook us both healthy dinners. But I'm kinda a dude in the sense that I have a lot of male interests and hobbies, and probably don't dress as feminine as I could (because I'll admit it - I'm being lazy in this sense). Also lacking a father or any other male in the house growing up, I often had to do things that guys usually do around the house like fix things, help my mom carry heavy stuff, mow the lawn. Sometimes I'd like to feel more like a woman, but it's hard when I wasn't raised to be feminine.