Word cloud HERE.

and here's the original study!

TL;DR: Researchers analyzed over 700 million Facebook posts from roughly 75,000 users ranging in age from 13 to 65. They found massive differences in how men and women communicate and express themselves online.

Interesting tidbits:

  • Men curse A LOT more than women.

  • Women are more likely to use words to indicate their emotional states.

  • Men seem to talk more in terms of objects and things.

  • Women are more likely to mention their relationships with friends, families, and SOs.

  • Men are more likely to use the word "my" before referencing the words "wife" or "girlfriend"

  • Conversely, women tend to more frequently use the word "her" when using the word "husband". WOW! How interesting is that?

  • Men tend to talk about video games, winning, fighting, the government, and football.

  • Women like to talk about their friends, families, shopping, and babies. Who would've thought? ;)

  • At age 22, both men and women start to use "we" more frequently. By the late 30s, "we" eclipses "I" in terms of frequency of usage.

Thoughts on this word cloud/study? How can we use this knowledge of communication differences to improve our own relationships? Would love to hear your thoughts!