I'm new to this whole red pill deal. I actually grew up without a mom and am really on a journey to understanding womanhood, for lack of better words. Basically, I know how to be a dude really well, feminine isn't something I grasp 100%.

So, I've found myself unfulfilled and recognize myself to be unfulfilling so I'm working on that part. In the past few months I've tried to be more conscious about the hats I try to wear and the role I play in our relationship. I've recently learned how to cook. Before my partner would cook but I have always done the majority of house chores; laundry, cleaning, food shopping, etc.

A frustration I have is that he will often make comments (particularly in front of his traditional parents) about how he does the cleaning, shopping, etc. Never in 3 1/2 years has this man done his own laundry. He has gone to the grocery store maybe 5 times. When he says these things I feel undermined. He guess doesn't recognize that I do these things but I really am unsure how he thinks they get done and it makes me appear to fall short as a woman, which is particularly troublesome when I'm trying to woo his momma.