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Anyone used Coffee Meets Bagel?

July 20, 2015

It's like Tinder - but started by 3 Asian chicks who asked "Where are all the good guys?" (HAMSTER ALERT)

The idea is that you get one match per day at noon that you can like or dislike. Generally I've seen the quality is pretty high. The profile is more detailed than Tinder's including such details as ethnicity, religion, height, occupation, etc. Basically, it allows women to screen out guys based on RP-approved characteristics.

Definitely worth a look. I'm gonna play around with my height stat (currently it's 4'6") and see how the responses vary.

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I get the feeling that Coffee Meets Bagel is full of birth-control-taking pre-wall types who are looking for their BB. I don't think women log into an app called Coffee Meets Bagel to get pounded by an Alpha male.

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