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"The Deacon Effect" or how some rando AFC stumbled on TRP way back in 2002

April 20, 2016

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Title "The Deacon Effect" or how some rando AFC stumbled on TRP way back in 2002
Author alpha_n3rd
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Date April 20, 2016 5:50 PM UTC (6 years ago)
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Deacon Effect: I hit her cause I love her...

By: Sabastian

Deacon is a stud and he knows it. He used to be nice to girls like way back in high school, then after a few hot girlfriends he became a dick. Did girls stop liking him? No, if anything they wanted him more. Several different types of girls fall prey to dickheads. The "I can tame the beast" type is one such victim. Another type is "My daddy used to beat the hell out of me".

I, Sabastian, will attempt a scientific experiment in which I will be an asshole in an attempt to score. I will hold back nothing, blah blah in the name of science blah blah blah...

PART 2 - Sabastian tests the Deacon Effect!

Sabastian testing the Deacon Effect:

Disclaimer - Please Read

Since I am normally very nice to the ladies, so I am told, it is my duty to become an asshole, in the name of science, to see if the Deacon Effect is a valid method of getting women. Now we will find out if this method is at mankind's disposal...

Two ladies will be tested. The two ladies chosen were "Sarah" and "Katie". Katie is the typical nice girl, on one hand she will probably put up with a ton of shit, on the other she probably has idealistic image of how men are supposed to act, think: Gentlemen. Sarah is your typical raving bitch, she won't put up with any shit, on the other hand her image of men is less idealistic and more "bad boy", think: Biker Trash. Both ladies will experience "Sabastian the asshole".

blah blah blah blah


The Deacon Effect works. At first I thought it worked on Katie because she was just insecure. Maybe that's true. But the actual reason the Deacon Effect works is because women instinctively like a challenge. Assholes are challenging. Girls sometimes say they want a "Prince Charming", that's a lie. Prince Charming is fucking boring and probably never gets laid. You can probably be challenging without being as asshole. It's just harder.

As for the chicks I tested here, nothing really happened with either of them. I liked them both but if I continued with either of them I might have been compelled to tell the truth, maybe because I'm nice, but maybe because it's funny. For Katie this would mean, possibly, suicide; for Sarah it would have meant murder-suicide. Both were risks I was not willing to take. Instead I decided to sort of fade away, not call them, let them forget about me. I read the newspapers and obituaries during the following weeks, from my assessments I have concluded both have taken it well.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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