The first thing during this convo was she brought up my arrogance. When I first got into TRP I began to embrace it and her first reactions were loudly against it. Overtime I heard less and less of it and her words on it this night were "It just makes it hard." But she said it with a smile. I loved how she couldn't even say specifically what was hard but I figured it out. Made it hard to complain when she knew I thought I was always right and above her. Made it hard to be lazy when she saw me pushing forward without stopping to check and recheck things. Hard to betawhip me, I got it.

Second thing was she finally took a shot I called out months before as a prediction, that she would oafishly and with no tact try to shame me for getting in shape. She just started out that "she doesn't like me doing this Arnold Schwaztenager thing" and I shut her down fast with "Does that make you feel bad about your own body?" She spent 10 minutes after that on the defensive while I tuned out a bit and just kept a somewhat judgmental cringe on my face. I'm designing some plays to get her working out it just isn't time yet.

Third was I realized I got control of my beta selfs total lack of abundance mentality. She was surprised I said I wouldnt mind at all if she went to some club without me. Beta me would've been all torn up about this but I told her I'd love for her to do this because I was looking forward to not hearing her complain about taking weekend trips by myself (I can afford to travel, she cant). She pretty much showed her hand right away after that saying shed be way too jealous and she just wanted me to act jealous too.

I know I still got a long way to go. I know the war never ends and the battlefield deceiving. But fucken hell yea to the TRP.