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7 Months ago I was at rock bottom, now I'm starting my climb to the top. Here's to you TRP

October 18, 2015

TL:DR Seriously thank you for all your hard work. This sub helped me turn one of the darkest periods of my life around. 7 months ago I was a happy, docile, slightly over weight former alpha man in a committed 5 year relationship. Events unfolded that rocked my world view and if it wasn't for the kinship and advice that I found here I wouldn't have been able to come through what I did in such constructive and determined manner.

In 7 months I've come through oneitis, lost weight, built muscle, read a ton of books and theory, sorted out my clothes, hair and skin and rekindled my former alpha and outgoing personality from the docile dead husk that it had become. The culmination of all of this sustained and positive action has allowed me to gain my first real and meaningful employment since graduating university 2 years ago. I just got through 7 hours of assessments and interviews in a group of 30 candidates to secure myself a sweet position in the city in a sales based role.

A lot of what I read and learned here really came to the forefront over those 7 hours, confidence, enthusiasm, risk taking and above all being ruthlessly Machiavellian in the group tasks. I think getting this job has signaled to me that its time to end my monk mode, and get back in the game.

I just felt the need to express my gratitude and let those of you new here know that if you implement what you read, form good habits and consistently commit yourself to improvement across the board, that when you look back in a few months time you wont believe how far you've already come.

Thanks once again TRP

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Title 7 Months ago I was at rock bottom, now I'm starting my climb to the top. Here's to you TRP
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Good job, reading posts like these bring about a sense of communal pride. 5 months later I hope you're well.

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