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a tender TRP moment

May 18, 2014

I'm pretty new to TRP, but I'm eating it up and realize that I've been a BP beta for a very long time, and that's going stop. I've started lifting and have made a conscious effort to work on keeping frame all the time.

Yesterday my wife and I ran a 5k together. I kept it casual but as we approached the finish line I blasted ahead of her and stayed in front, even though she tried to catch up. Right before I crossed the finish line I reached back and grabbed her hand, pulling her forward, and we finished together with the exact same time.

After, she said to me: "When you passed me the only thing I could think of was beating you, but when you reached back for me the only thing I wanted was to hold your hand."

Benevolent dominance winning! Thanks TRP.

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Simple and sweet, good stuff.

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