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Agree and amplify + Amused Master = Great Success

June 27, 2014

Last night I went out for a late night picnic and star gazing. It went really well, but a buddy of mine kept sending me text messages and when I didn't respond he asked "You Fuckin?". (wtf, I know) My phone was setup to show the first line of the message in the lock screen. As you can probably guess, she saw it and immediately asked "what does that mean?, Is this what you do with all the girls?, you're some sort of slut aren't you". I've changed so much since taking the pill so I don't know what I would've said without it. Thank TRP for shit tests 101. Although she had a comical air about her, I knew there was more to it than that. I responded with "yes. everyone. girls, boys, goats, dragons, fish, all sentient beings. I am captain Jack Harkness." She caught the Dr. Who reverence and it immediately changed the subject. The whole night went like this. Amused mastery wasn't something I had to force or learn. I found out that I've been that way with my little sister all along. Mix that with agree and amplify and you've got yourself a pretty cool BAMF. During the drive back, I mentioned something and she wanted me to elaborate. I didn't want to and tried to changed the subject. What did she do? Tried to seduce me to give her the answer. While I was driving. It felt like a movie at the point. I held frame, turned up the music and we drove off into the sunrise. Thanks TRP.

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Everyone grows weary of boring and predictable. For the same reason we don't play tic-tac-toe or watch children's tv shows anymore, we enjoy chess and poker and Martin Scorsese movies. Be interesting by being a unpredictable, challenging, hard to figure out.

Go back and think how your night would have turned out if you had responded with "me? a slut? oh my heavens no! I'm a one woman kinda guy! that's just my friend messing around. he's always doing whacky stuff like that." Congratulations, you just gave her tingles for your friend.

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