Discovered the red pill about 10 months ago in some random thread bashing it down. I think a good 90+% of us learn of the red pill this way. I was made aware of the red pill however I didn't read into it, I just trusted the previous thread bashings that you were all msyognists and creepy rapey PUAs.

For a good two months I was subscribed to the blue pill. It's funny how posts can actually seem cringey if you haven't read the sidebar material.

So after highschool wrapped up I found myself bored and lonely. I had never kissed/hugged a girl let alone sleep with one. At the time I couldn't even visualise how I'ld even get to that point. No friends at all, literally no text sending about anything but study-related shit with group assignment partners. I felt like I was destined to be forever alone and felt like I should go travel the world as a last resort to find something worth living for (which I still intend to do but no longer as a last resort method).

So I decided to read up on the red pill theory in a state of boredom mixed with desperation. I also wanted to read up on other controversial theories like Scientology and feminism. Fuck that shit, from the moment I started reading that sidebar content I was hooked. It all fucking made sense within a day's reading. I became obsessed with the red pill, writing down and memorising key concepts and checking TRP every day. Started lifting HARD. From 2 jogs a week to 5 jogs and 5 hour long gym sessions a week. To this day I still lurk TRP at least once a day (usually three times). I gorge down every fucking thread I can and absorb what knowledge I deem useful, so if you ever post in the red pill you can bet your ass I'll be reading it.

I've never felt the need to up vote or down vote anything and I rarely post simply because I don't feel experienced enough yet, one day I'ld like to post on the front page.

So college begins and I put everything I learnt into practice. AMOGing my way through every lecture and tutorial and meeting as many people as I can, with undeniable confidence and rapport. Never fucking underestimate body language, eye contact and the tone of your voice. I guess my height and lifting helps too. Everyone just seems to like me and want to hear my input. Once you get a taste of AMOG in large groups there's no going back. I say something, even if its just my name as part of the roll call and people care. In group dicussions everyone keeps looking back at me for approval and asking me what we should do. I bring up a point quietly even if theres already a conversation and people stop and listen like im going to tell them where the holy grail is. smart dickface does the same thing right after me and nobody could give a shit, even though he probably even has much better ideas to contribute than me.

As I write this I imagine some blue pill kid making jokes assuming that I'm completing delusional and toxic, but the way I see it is that the joke is really on him. Everything seems so much easier.

I still haven't launched myself into a social circle but hopefully things will fall into place soon.

And yesterday I grew some balls and decided to ask a girl out. This was a real test of my frame but I fucking did it!

I would have used emotions and interne slang in response to her using the old "xD" smile, but I took the red pill. I would have placed her on a pedestal asking her what times work best and would have worked around my schedule to be with her, but I took the red pill. I would have fallen into onetitis and mindfucked myself into seeing this girl as the one and my dream girl, but I took the red pill. She's not a unicorn, she shits just like any human, bitches and manipulates other whenever it improves her position in life and isn't a sweet innocent girl, she's probably rode a hundred alpha cocks by now. I wouldn't have asked at all out of pure fear of what she'ld think of me, but I took the red pill.

But it's more than just taking the red pill. That's halve of the benefit. The other halve is you guys. The guys that make up this fucking awesome community. There's nobody trying to sell me their book or pick-up course, just rational down to earth lads who have gave me more support and hope to achieve my dreams than mainstream society would have ever done. Thanks.

Tl;dr: Chose to take the red pill, got results.