Had a pretty rough time of it a few years ago. Had a psychotic episode followed by a long depression that seemed as if it would never end. I was fat, I was isolated and I was incapable of holding a conversation so it was hard to imagine things getting better.

Then I found the red pill. I started improving every part of my life, lost weight, started socialising, got some hobbies, started a new career.. Basically I took back control and started to build a life for myself.

Recently I've found a pretty cool chick I like hanging out with. Because of my RP knowledge I'm able to get exactly what I want from her and keep her attention like I didn't think was possible. Interacting with women for me used to be about trying to please them, trying to impress them in some way so they would be attracted to me. Now I build attraction just by being myself. After a year and a half of self improvement I've become attractive and enjoy the benefits that brings.

Most importantly, by doing this I've built happiness for myself. Not even that long ago I truly believed I would never be happy, thanks to the red pill, some hard work and a lot of heavy squats I'm finally enjoying my life. I owe a great debt to The Red Pill, it turned my life around. Thanks red pill.