Classic Beta is led on by gf, not getting any, shakes the status quo thanks to this sub, immediate results.  



I am almost one year with this girl who is older than me (22 v 26), and at first, it was nice. She was somewhat frigid in bed, but nothing special.

Then, a few months in, she started making excuses for not coming to my place. I thought those were honest, and didn't push it. Sex became rarer and rarer. Then, one time after sex, she starts talking about this guy who was her only fwb who tricked her into sleeping with him. Then she said how it was the best sex she ever had. How the fact that he wasn't her bf at the time made it awesome.

I played it cool, but inside...I was burning inside. Raging fire was choking my every thought. There is some guy out there who fucked her better than me, she liked him more than me, she said he was such a charmer, she doesn't do sex out of a relationship, but he was irresistible. She said he could get every girl there is, and he chose her. Then she babbled something about her ignoring him after 4th or 5th hookup.

I realized something was off, but I didn't react. I genuinely started loving her maybe 6 months in, even thinking if I will ever be able to get another girl as good as her. Maybe it wasn't love then. Anyway, I was the sweetest boyfriend a girl could have. I bought her flowers regularly, respected her busy schedule working at a café, jumping to meet her for coffee or even only to tag along as she did her errands, just because "I missed her so much". I did all college administration stuff for her, because she was so busy with her job etc. She even made me feel in charge, even though I was her slave practically.

Then, 10 months in, that "off" feeling started overshadowing our relationship, and I said fuck it, I'm going to break up. I do, and she cries and pleads, makes me go to her place at 3am just to talk, no sex again. I go to sleep and wake up at 5am, and I start to cry. I cry and cry, and that wakes her up. She sees me, and hugs me out of pity. I go home. We are together again.

Things don't change at all, they are even worse actually. Last month whole passed without sex.
Fastforward 5 days ago: she asks me to go talk to her professor about an exam day after, she can't because she's working during his office hours. I go, and prof says that because she's the only student remaining who didn't pass his subject, someone will need to go with her to be a witness. I say to her I would gladly come. She sends me a thank you and a :*. I ask her if she's working after the exam, she says she has a day off, but she wants to go to country with her parents.

I flipped out when I read the message, and in the moment of anger I say to her I won't be able to make it to her exam, she will need to find another witness. She flips out on me back, and says it's end for our relationship. I say okay. That night, a random mention of /r/redpill in a reddit post pulled me inside. I so fucking found myself here, sidebar gets chewed up in that one sleepless night, and I am certain I can apply my newfound knowledge today.

What's funny, is that I already have 3 alternatives in case I break up with her, I started flirting with several girls after our first break up. I just still was insecure about myself, and that feeling that she's the best I can do was there still.

Redpill erased all that, and I started to wonder how far can I push her. Turns out, really fucking far.

Next day she texts me that I should be ashamed of myself for what I did to her, day before the big exam! I say, exact words:

"You haven't been giving to me what I wanted. I did everything for you until yesterday, when I realised it will always be like this. Now I don't give a fuck"

Furious messages keep arriving, and after about 10, I just say: "Tomorrow 18h, my place."

Silence for about 3-4 minutes, and then she sends: "But I work until 17:30!". 1 minute after that, "Okay". I say okay too and stop answering messages until she came. Of course she came. I stop all her talking, put on Massive Attack - Mezzanine (I know she hates it, but I love it for sex), and start undressing her. She fights back, I put my hand in her pants. We fuck. We finish, she's still mad, I tell her it's gonna be this way, or no way. Door gets shown, she leaves.

2 hours later, she's texting me if I love her anymore. I ignore it. She says we need to talk this through. I say I don't want to be with a girl that was at my place 2 hours ago. She says she will change. She wants to meet up. I say I can't I am going to a student congress at 13h. She says I will be fucking other girls there. She really needs me tomorrow. I pull off the same trick: "tomorrow 10h my place". She complies. That's 10 hours from now, and I can't wait to see her behaviour when she comes again (pun intended).


So there you go guys. My behaviour may have been influenced even before by me starting lifting real weight 2 months ago, and being a first witness to great friend's demise because he was too beta for a hottie who dumped him after a year of "perfect relationship". Also, I started getting embarrassed when I told people "we are together for almost a year now". It was a fucking long year, I hope you all learn something from my mistakes.