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Ended up at an EDM show at a rooftop bar at a table with myself and 4 beautiful girls

June 24, 2022

I didn't even want to go to the show. I was sleep deprived and had a migraine, but two girls dragged me out. I didn't put any effort into attracting the other two girls. They came to our table. I certainly wasn't buying them drinks or anything.

I don't look like "the alpha". I'm 5'10, 175 lb, and 23 years old. I'm an above average college graduate. I looked around at the other guys there. There were plenty who were taller, stronger, older, wealthier, but they all looked at me. Some gave looks of approval, little smiles, but most looked at me with disdain, wondering who I was. There was one tall, jacked guy who was there alone, probably your average redpiller tbh, and he looked at me with such anger. There was a group of 4 rich kids, I'm talking polos tucked into shorts and dockers, with 4 beautiful girls, but still, they looked at me. I'm pretty sure I caught one filming me.

I realized at that moment, that I'm finally just that fucking guy. I could go on a walk in a drunken stupor and trip and fall into pussy. I'm like Jordan in his prime, I just don't miss. I have two pieces of advice. One, be patient. Patience is the most important thing a man can have. Two, don't take TRP too seriously. The overarching themes are mostly true, but most red pillers are emotionally wounded, myself included. Take anything we say with a grain of salt

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Title Ended up at an EDM show at a rooftop bar at a table with myself and 4 beautiful girls
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