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Field Report - Sat at the beach

March 9, 2015

This post contains me using Mystery method tactics, CH tactics, and bits and pieces i have picked up on /r/redpill. Thanks again gents and happy hunting!

Went to the beach saturday with 2 of my boys. As we were walking we saw 2 girls (HB8 blonde and HB7 latina) and the blonde gave my bro a nice smile. My bro opened with “Hi” (simple and works), she said “hi”. I asked where they were headed, to stop them from walking on. They said a bar; I said, “why don’t you put that off for a minute and chill with us.” They were from out of town, stuck on a layover on their way to south America. Perfect lol. At that exact moment, my other bro was getting picked up to go to a hockey game and we had a natural time constraint. I tossed the blonde my phone and told her to give me her number, we will meet up with them in a few minutes. She did as told and we parted…

…45 minutes later, I texted her. A game of missed calls/missed texts occurred as my remaining bro and I walked and stopped at bars. While I was pissing at random bar, blondie texted me to come meet them - but when I went to get my bro he had already opened a new 2-set (lol another HB8 blonde and a 6.5 latina, déjà vu). He told me later they had been ordering drinks near him and he opened with an indignant but playful, “…so where’s my shot?” which got the ball rolling.

When I returned I introduced myself and instantly stole the sunglasses off of blonde#2 head and put them on. Both broads complimented me on the way the glasses looked, so I knew it was gonna go well. Started kinoing, touching a tattoo on Latina girl and then lifting up the back of blonde#2 shirt to “check” if she had tattoo in same spot. They started return-firing kino at me and my boy. Blonde2 told me, “I don’t like latin guys” I replied, “good I don’t like white girls.” The gleam in her eye told of moisture forming down below lol. Lots of laser eyes. I let her catch me staring at her tits. Shortly after found out Latina2 was married (but no ring on tonight cuz she likes attention, imagine that lol) and blondie2 had a boyfriend. Found this out after I tried getting blonde2’s number and got blown out.

Once me and my bro realized it was getting late and these chicks would take some work, we decided to shake and head home. The girls were definitely surprised. As we walked away to go home, I send a final text the blonde#1, “like ships in the night, maybe in another life, later.” Imagine my surprise when she called me 20 seconds later. I told her to be where we met in 1 minute or we are gone. They were lol.

We went to a new bar. I took off the silly hat blonde1 had been wearing all day and put it on me, where it stayed for the rest of the night. I started pawing at her playfully, which she returned. A random girl walked by next to me, intending to give someone she knew a girlscout cookie; I stole it out of her hand and ate it. The girl I stole it from smiled, laughed and gave me a dap. The girls we were with lost their shit, laughing. Blonde2 and Latina2 from the last bar suddenly appeared and placed themselves in proximity to us (now I wonder if they went there to find us lol). So I said hi to them but didn’t invite them to join us. This of course demonstrated to Blonde1 and Latina1 that we had other options.

I went in for the kiss on blonde1 but she turned to the side. I was buzzed so I said fuck it and gently planted a single kiss on the tattoo behind her ear. She said that was the first time someone has ever kissed her without her permission lol; she definitely liked it cuz laser eyes went into overdrive. My boy was off with latina1 making out somewhere isolated. Blonde1 qualified herself to me by bragging/putting down the texts she was getting constantly from other men she had met that day that were trying to meet up with her. We flirted a bit more, kino, got her to give me a kiss on the cheek for a selfie.

Then me and boy said we had to split (tired from being at the beach all day and his gf was blowing up both our phones but we never answer). They were shocked. A moment later, blonde1 asked if they could have a ride back to their hotel; I said sure but we should hit the hot tub to make it worth the drive. They said they weren’t sure if their hotel had one but they were game.

Once we were in their hotel room, I told blonde1, “hey this is a nice hotel, why don’t you show me the hallways…” with an evil smirk. This was to give my boy a chance to get down with his chick and see if mine had warmed up a bit more. She said, “…yeah, sure…” Once we were outside in the hallway we were making out. I led her to the ice machine room. I put her against the wall and was making out, feeling her up, did that thing where I went from above lifted her bikini top and was playing with her nips. She was going nuts, “I never sleep with guys the first time I meet em…”, basically ASD kicked in hard.

Suddenly I could hear my bro bellowing my name in the hallway. He was ready to leave ASAP (latina1 didn’t want to fuck, just wanted to fool around and my bro wanted to split cuz he knew his wifey was pissed). Kissed blonde1 goodbye. She remembered my phone was back in her room so a few more kisses and we were gone. She wants to meet up next time shes in town…

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[–]KingoftheAssholes2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

Damn so in the end your bro mess it up. Shit happens. decent fr. Take out the la and replace with in town. (Doxxing a bitch)

[–]LazarusTRP[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

thanks bro good looking out

[–]Masonjarteadrinker20 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Not bad man, sounds like it was a chill but fun little night.

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