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First found the red pill back in February and I wanted to say thank you for this year

December 8, 2014

Back in late January of this year I was reading a website I had somehow stumbled upon called The Art of Manliness. This was the first time I'd seen a website dedicated to male self improvement and I decided to delve into it by trying some of the activities the site recommended, like keeping a journal, making a daily and weekly cleaning schedule etc.

Whilst reading it I decided to see if there was anything on it on reddit, as I was curious if there was anything else like it. One brash user had made a comment that the website Art of Manliness was shit and for faggots and that The Red Pill was so much better for self improvement. I wish I could thank who ever that was now for posting that link on reddit.

This year has been so much better for me compared to the previous 5 and I have the Red Pill to thank for it. I still have a long way to go to be where I want to be but I feel like I've been given a map I'd so desperately wanted ever since I was 18, to navigate life and how to overcome obstacles that have been laid before me.

As far as game goes, reading this sub as well as reading Roosh's BANG (again recommended from this sub) has helped me with getting 6 different lays this year, its a third of my total lay count all from just this year. Although all these ended up just being one night stands I still feel better for them, and my next goal is to try to obtain a plate.

Career wise I left a job I was doing for the past 4 years and hated for a new career path and haven't regretted the decision yet, the only thing I miss about it is the people I used to work with, since I left for a new city.

I traveled Europe for 2 months earlier this year, had a blast with some fun stories to tell, and now I'm learning spanish so I can do a South America tour. I've recently learned that I have a thing for Latina chicks it seems.

I've taken up the gym since March and had a lot more positive attention from girls because of it.

All of this wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for you guys. My next mission is to cut down on video games to a maximum of 1 hour a day, to totally quit watching let's plays on youtube.

Once again sincerely, Thank you.

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[–]wakethfkupneo 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

One brash user had made a comment that the website Art of Manliness was shit and for faggots

More about what's wrong with AoM: http://www.returnofkings.com/25876/art-of-manliness-is-poisoning-the-concept-of-masculinity-with-disney-lifestyle-advice

Anyways, you're in the right place, keep improving.

[–]Rygoth100 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Good for you man. I do want to disagree a little on AoM. While I agree most of the articles are saccharine BS, I do like the occasional guest article on things like knife throwing, shooting, wilderness survival, etc. If part of RedPill is about improving yourself, then you should be willing to take good information wherever you find it regardless of source.

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