short: Socially Red but blue with girls, first FR (grab & french kiss) after 2 months of TRP reading. Also quit my job and will quit my continent soon to start a new life. I post in this subreddit as I just opened my account.

Long: I am socially Red as I lift very regularly, confident, able to be very social/funny and leader of the pack in lots of situation. I have a good salary, a nice flat and able to burn money when needed. But I was completely blue with girls. I even voluntarily stopped seeing plates 2 years ago because I wanted something "more serious": I stopped completely to fuck, I became a first class orbiter, I even did with knight things and then I moved into monk mode with few poor tries with meeting websites. I even cried in the arm of my orbit-mistress. Don't throw up please.

I had only two lucky fucks in two years after years of regularly porno-level fucks with naughty girls. Fucking like porn in real life permanently disturbed my sex needs. I don't recommend to experiment porn-level sex because you will always seek for this level of excitation and sadly not all the girls will rim you, suck you like a slimy Dyson, let you pull their hair and let you crush their head on the pillow while destroying their pussy. But I digress.

Being bulky is not enough if you are socially awkward with girls or don't know their game.

After lots of TRP reading, I started to let grow my hairs (I used to cut them short), doing more social activities to have something to speak about (concerts, museums, small travels, reading, sporty week-ends...), stopped t-shirts and started wearing shirts. I also quit my job and found an other one in another nice continent/country (yeah, I am going full auto to change my status, thanks to TRP). And I started reading girls.

I am friend/half-orbiter with one of my female colleague. We are close, but I was blue with her, she is in a stable relation and she is a young mother. My changes immediately triggered her: "you are beautiful, you look like a real men, are you seeing a girl ? I NEED to present you Julia, she is so funny and also want to move to your next city !".

Julia has a low SMV, she is a 6.5 on nice FB/instagram pictures but more close to 5-6 in real life. A bit chubby for European standards (she is thin for USA standards). Red flag: lots of tatoos, nose ring, party girl and don't even like metal. WTF. She is funny and friendly at least.

But let's meet her, it will be my first girl to try TRP in real life and I don't give a damn. I need to start somewhere if I want to put my sausage somewhere.

Only few text messages over the week-end with long hours between them, I didn't ask if she was available and set a meeting. She was not available so when she proposed an other day, I didn't accepted yet but shoot "I'll get back to you tomorrow" with the intention of not texting her. And she was the first to recontact me: first achievement unlocked. Then I organized the meeting without asking anything.

I did lots of mistakes during the date but as my SMV was way more higher than hers it was not a big deal to finish with my tongue in her mouth. She removed my hand from her legs but whatever.

What I did good:

  • Regularly reminded myself that I don't want to be friend with her but to fuck her. You need to force this thought very regularly, it forces you to remind you of TRP. Especially when you are a deep blue (like me).

  • Do not let her think she is a queen, treat her like a child. I threw some objects at her, diminished her (in a funny way) a few times. Told her when her stories were boring.

  • Keep frame: MOST IMPORTANT PART. I acted like I was all the time confident, didn't sorry myself to take a piss, ordered drinks & food without hesitation, acted friendly with bartenders and waiters. Made everything obvious that the situation is normal, not awkward. A bubble of trust around both of us.

  • Shit-tests: keeping frame helped me a lot to kill instantly small shit tests. When I started to do very light kino she switched the conversation to her native language (I speak it but with a very poor accent - she knows it and I made fun of myself about that without loosing frame), I naturally answered in my language, she tried to insist a bit but stopped after one more try and got over it. I started to caress her neck and we soon kissed.

  • Lift. She felt my body, my arms and said "hmmm, muscled...".

  • Style. Nice shoes, pant and shirt. And a watch. Get a watch. I've got a nice watch, I assure you my interlocutors always look at it.

  • I was endorsed by her friend, a girl.

  • Once I am in the state of kiss or fuck with a girl, I am naturally confident and dominant, so it came back instantaneously. Let her feel your hard meat, she loves it.

What I did wrong:

  • Few moments of silence, but I managed them with frame.

  • I could have easily tried to get back to her flat as she gave me elements to work on. I'm still very blue, don't forget it.

  • Forgot a lot to repeat to myself TRP mantras during the date. I dated low so my errors were not fatal, but it is very easy to do blue things when you loose track. Force yourself to think about TRP principles while speaking to her.

  • I spoke one time about an ex-girlfriend. I don't know if it's good or bad.

  • waited to long to escalate (talk & kino)

I only texted her one time before setting a new plan (dining at my flat) without asking her permission and with a joke. She answered with a funny answer to the joke, I assume it's yes.

It is not an impressive FR, but as a brand new TRP reader, reading FR from noobs helped me a lot to process things.

Again, as everyone else on TRP, I am saying TRP is working like you can't even imagine. The day I started to reprocess all my behaviors and social interactions everybody started to ask me questions ( "did you find a girlfriend ? Why are you so happy today ?...") and showed interest in me. Within one month I made strong choices, destroyed my easy life for a new challenge on another ocean side, stopped porn. I found easily several jobs. I was already confident at work interviews but TRP gave me more tips to perform better.

Read TRP, again and again, start low, get small results and escalate. And change your life if you don't like it, nothing will come if you are waiting without breaking your bad patterns. Read TRP again. And Lift for strength. Start to lift now, your body will be ready for D-Day. TRP is the best thing I found on internet (after Efukt).

Thanks TRP !