former incel here. my SMV has noticeably increased in the past 2 weeks. Heres what i've seen:

  • 3 different girls on first dates (i'm trying to find another plate to avoid oneitis) have offered to pay for me without me even asking.
  • girls initiate physical contact much more often
  • much more eye contact from girls
  • have little to no resistance when asking for numbers. girls just seem more open to talking to me in general
  • 2 of the girls from the first dates have texted me first to set up the second date.
  • random men will start talking to me out of the blue. This, I think, is a relatively unrecognized marker of high male value.
  • at crowded bars, people (mostly beta males) will get out of my way when I'm pushing through the crowd.

what has changed:

  • I just finished my 5th week of my lifting program (after not lifting for ~6 months).
  • started eating properly for gainz: I'm up about 7 pounds.
  • have been working on my posture.
  • graduated from College with a Bachelors.
  • am currently interviewing for jobs in the 80,000 - 90,000 price range. I don't mention the salary range on dates, just the fact that i'm being actively sought after by multiple companies.
  • NoFap for the past 50-ish days with only 1 relapse 35 days ago.
  • lost my virginity.

The biggest game-changer has definately been the weight lifting and the increase of bodymass resulting from eating properly, and my change in posture. It really is all about first impressions. Basically, I now pass their initial filter of "is this guy high value?" I look strong and confident, so I pass. Note. I'm only 5'6", which is actually pretty short for where I live. I always thought that it was my height that was holding me back, but in reality it was my lack of muscle.

The other large game-changer is that my actual value has gone up. college grad? check. good job? (soon to be) check.

I'm also pretty sure that girls can smell the fact that i'm not masturbating anymore and only getting off by fucking. They can just tell somehow.

Thank you RedPill!