Really, from the bottom of my Machiavellian, narcissistic, psychopathic heart, thank you all, from the Senior ECs to the recently unplugged shitposters. I found TRP at the right time in my life. I didn't come in a kissless virgin, but I was operating on autopilot, looking for my Unicorn, and had been burned more than I care to elaborate. TRP turned me around. It's more than just getting laid. I've been lifting for 5 years now and look better and meaner than I thought possible. A HB8 checkout girl asked me if I was a model today. People get out of my way in public like Moses parting the Red Sea. I stopped eating like crap and take my daily routine seriously. Stopped smoking pot. I've finally given myself permission to assert myself and/or be a dick whenever I feel like it, and people love me for it! Did you know you can just ask a girl back to your place after a few minutes of sarcastic banter, and it will work? Did you know a good Tinder opener is "come over"? Old me wouldn't even consider it, though I guess I had all of this stuff buried in head somewhere, fake it till you make it works. It isn't faking, it's more like a starter motor in an automobile. Activate some shit that you have innately, just get out there and do it and eventually the real deal will come to life. But as they say, "you gotta reach for the top to stay on the mountain". Anyway, I owe each of you a beer, a big man hug, and one of my spare kidneys if anybody needs it, just PM me. Cheers!