Me: "Hey you ever have a fwb?"

Her: "lol What?"

M: "I asked for an answer, not a reaction."

H: I don't even know what fwb means."

M: I take it you're confused; basically we bang each other, have no feelings for one another, and then don't tell anyone about it.

H: Why are you bringing this up?

M: I'm curious; why do you think I am?

H: I asked first.

M: So answer first.

H: Well the answer is hell no to both propositions.

M: What propositions?

TRP has taught me how to be more manipulative, as well as how to maintain frame. In my BP days I would have fucked this situation up beyond repair, but now I've managed to...

  • Have the courage and mindset to ask for this kind of thing at all.
  • Play mindgames and control the conversation.
  • Most importantly, I controlled the exchange to the point where nothing negative can be traced back to me, and where she looks like the egotistical bitch she is for rejecting me before I proposed anything.

Only place to go is up; thanks guys.