I want to thank RedPill for showing me the reality (my fundamental principle is the TRUTH above all things, however unpleasant it may be) but I am also sad. You see, I always knew in the depths of my being that women had these attitudes (I was born with an abusive mother and an absent father who worked all day and is also beta), but I always thought that there would be a woman who would be different (ONEitis, I know) that would make me feel like a man, that would not judge me, that would accept what I am, follow my steps and love me for my qualities. It turns out that 2 weeks ago I found this community, I'm reading The Rational Male and everything has been demoralizing for me. By the way, I'm 24 years old.

It is certainly difficult to swallow the Red Pill and the hardest thing is when you start to apply what you learned and everything starts to fit. I'm from Argentina but I see that it will always be AWALT, no matter what.

I share classes with a sexy woman (8/10) and I have started to apply a lot of things (be playful, guide her, be a rock that can not be moved, be an emotional support). I began to receive MANY shit tests that left me exhausted (thinking about going through them cost me a lot but I play it all great) and let me show you what happened in the last shit test. When the class ends and we are preparing our things to leave, this happens:

her: - Let's go (he says to a friend as he gets up from the seat). And you too (in a serious tone and looking at me).

Me: - You will not be able to move me.

I get up from my seat and stand in front of her, giving her my back.

me: - Try it, you do not have a chance.

she starts to laugh, she touches my back and leans her body against mine. Then she says: - I'm sleepy.

Do not get me wrong, I felt great, I felt like I was starting to connect with her. The problem was not there, walking down the street and talking to everyone (we were 6) she starts talking without any sense and raising the voice of how another boy (whom she NEVER spoke to) ignores her and that she felt sad that the boy did that (he said it with a smile on his face and laughing, certainly his words didn't match with his emotional state. Sounds familiar? SHIT TEST).

I really ignored it and luckily everyone too. Thinking about receiving these shit tests all my life, being judged without stopping, exhausting me. And I feel sad, I feel that I will never be able to relax when I am with a girl that I like.

I know, it may be very beta, I'm a cool guy (here in Argentina I achieved about 200 matches in Tinder in a span of 2 months, although most were ugly) and friendly, I know how to behave rudely if the situation requires, but not I hoped to do it with women. I use this almost as a rant, but at the same time I know I can empathize with you, guys. Believe me, as beautiful as a girl is, there is NOTHING beyond the sex that she can offer you, instead they ask you for EVERYTHING.

I would love to know your experiences.

Excuse my English, I'm still learning it.