I've come to realize everything women do is all for their own benefit when it comes to love. Love is just a grasp at stability and guaranteed resources. I'm no longer open to a relationship with a woman. I'm just gonna try to fuck them and dump them. Because that's what they've groomed me to do.

"Now it's dark clouds, dumb hoes, smart mouths; Music's my first love, I've given her my heart now. Look I loved you, nah see I love you; You're the only one I need to make it up to. They say real eyes, realize, real lies but how come you never knew they were untrue. All the shit you heard, false as well as fake. Your water's the only thing that I wanna break"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwUO_NHAjQA N.W.A - I Ain't The One