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It is good to finally understand.

October 11, 2014

It is wonderful to finally have a sexual strategy and understand the real dynamics of human sexuality. Not Disney movies, not what your mom tells you, not what women tell you they are attracted to, but the real life observed reality of human sexual interaction.

A little backstory:

When I was about 13 or 14 I had a few different girls who crushed on my big time and vied for my attention, even though I hadn't even really hit my main development (testosterone explosion), I was oblivious and aloof, I had no clue that this pedestalization-free behavior was exactly what attracted girls in the first place. Queue my mid-to-late teens, when my testosterone is absolutely raging and I have this drive I can't control and don't know what to do with, way too much emotional investment/commitment way too soon, every girl I pursued would give me a LJBF's speech.

Post red-pill I realized that masculine attracts feminine and vice-versa. My whole life I thought if I just emulated their emotionally-sensitive behavior the whole time I would be the Perfect Man™ and find The One© I would eventually marry. Boy was I duped. Suddenly everything clicked for me! It's still a struggle (never having had a strong male mentor) and I have a long way to go since I am on a continual journey to better myself and be the strongest, most intelligent, alpha provider that I can be (the life path I have chosen to take).

So.. THANK YOU, Red Pill for telling it like it is and speaking the plain truth.

Side note: I think a lot of people would laugh at my view that being an Alpha provider is absolutely possible (being sexually exciting but also security/provision in a marriage) given that you find a girl who wants the Captain/First mate dynamics. I know I'm living my life on hard mode in a way (LTR and eventual marriage) but at the same time I'm gifted with the easy mode of being naturally high testosterone, 6' 3" and athletic.

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I agree man, I see these things. I grew up in the same society as you. My entire childhood was filled with the shaming of my masculinity, that fact, combined with a dad who didn't care about me caused a lot of deep-rooted insecurities which to this day I still struggle with.

I'm not bitter having seen the truth, but it was frustrating to me that I didn't discover it earlier, as it took a couple times of me getting burned and struggling to improve before I researched sexual strategy.

Keep your head up and keep lifting.

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I was never bitter, I was relieved that I'm not fucked up, the world is.

I had a similar revelation when I found out atheism is a thing, never really understood how adults could conceive that humanity started out just with adam and eve, but nobody ever discused the obvious incestous subsequent steps.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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