I feel the acceptance phase creeping up and it's like a moment of silence after a lot of inner noise from the anger phase.

I've lost 30lbs. I'm, for the first time in my life, considered skinny. I have a little pooch that I know will go away if I keep up with my calorie intake and exercise. I'm just stoked to be in tighter pants and throwing away all my old clothes. I never realized how obvious 30 lbs is until you compare photos.

Not just that, but I've managed my eating. For fun, I've monitored how long it takes me to get hungry to the point I can no longer ignore it and it's amazing that I often ate 3 square meals a day. Now I find myself eating only what I need to keep going or to produce gains.

I've found my inner strength through exercising. I push myself and ignore all other distractions. I'm in no way where I want to be with my muscles yet.

I've reclaimed my balls by cutting off or ignoring people who benefited me in no way. I often deactivate facebook for long periods of time to get shit done and only activate it when something important needs to be announced or checked. I've been approaching and getting #'s and getting rejected. Rejection is no big deal. It happens and I'm glad I'm embracing that nothing-ness.

I'm entering the IDGAF mindset subconsciously without having to think about how IDGAF. With that, I'm in the bargaining phase. Where "if I just keep approaching, keep lifting, keep living, maybe I'll get some pussy". It's funny but it's true.

Thanks to TRP I've realized how far my head has been up women's ass. Even when I got pussy in relationships, it's no reason to lose your individuality. Even in the beginning of TRP when I was pulling in just a few chicks, I was zoned in on trying to pull them in. Now I do things like check when their last text or snapchat was sent and I'm like "naw, she can wait another day". It's fun and they still reply immediately.

So I've done a lot of self-analysis and come to a lot of peace with where I am. I'm at that point where I can hit up people to see if anyone wants to hang but be perfectly content with reading a book or indulging in an hour or 2 of mindless SNES games because I've accomplished everything I wanted to out of my day. I'm letting things just be while I work on me.

Thanks again TRP.