Started reading redpill a month ago. Last week, went to a party, with my rp mindset I found myself talking to a bunch of people including one girl I've known for a while. She tried to make out with me but passed the fuck out cause she was a drunk bitch. I put her down on the bed but was annoyed that she was wasting my time -- went out and socialized with other people and went home. She texts me asking what happened and I just check if she's ok and that's it.

A week passes. Text her saying "let's hang out." She agrees but tries to be all organized, asking me where we're going. I deflect and joke around and she eats it up. I take my time replying and show up a little bit late because I was busy picking up condoms anyway.

I pick her up, she's being quiet and nervous as fuck. Old me would have been freaked out by her energy, but nowadays it didn't affect me at all. Made some small talk and then started teasing her more since she was being so bad at responding. This pushed her buttons and she started trying to prove herself to me.

Took her to get food since she didn't eat dinner but made he pay for her own stuff, had a couple drinks at my place, told her to look me in the eye when I was teasing her and started making out with her. First time in my life (I'm graduated from college for age reference) that I initiated kissing a girl. We start making out, go upstairs, I take off her clothes aggressively. She keeps saying "I'm nervous, is this okay", I reassure her and ask what's wrong. She tells me she's been seeing this "really nice" guy. I tell her that doesn't matter, we're just here to have fun. Keep reassuring her. I don't force anything, just make out with her and feel her up while grinding on her until she gives me the greenlight -- "I want you inside me". I put on condom and we fuck. Guess what. It was her first time. Chick has dated two dudes, one for over a year and now this new "nice guy" and she's never even had sex. She tells me I'm a "bad boy" and that she had so much fun and is begging me to hit her up again later. I said we'll go with the flow and grope her ass and she's all happy.

Checked her FB. "Nice guy" is just a normal looking guy. They went to Disneyland last weekend. How cute. I'm sure she's "saving herself" and telling him she's not ready for sex yet. Meanwhile I told her to go masturbate and figure out how to orgasm so we can have more fun next time.

AWALT. Got my needs taken care of. None of the fear or regret that I've had in the past with being too meek with girls. No anxiety the entire time, from when I picked her up, teased her, dealt with shit tests (before and DURING fucking), and breaking down her walls. Took a girls virginity and don't even feel like it was a big deal. Just happy to help a girl learn what real orgasms feel like. I'm the biggest cock she's had after all.

All thanks to TRP. Before this, the only sexual relations I had was a Borderline Personality Disorder girl who pulled me into bed and fucked me. Now I'm doing it on my own terms.